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Recipe of the Week

Spicy Steamed Mussels


2lb Iceberg Mussels

2 T Olive Oil

4 oz Andouille (or other spicy sausage)

1 ea Small Onion - Sliced

3 Cloves Garlic - Sliced

1 Cup Dry White Wine

1 oz Unsalted Butter

1/4 Cup Chopped Parsley

**Crusty Bread and or Fries


  1. Rinse & Clean Mussels with fresh water, remove any beards or broken

  2. In a large pot sweat onions and garlic in oil, 3-4 minutes til soft

  3. Add Sausage and cook 4 minutes

  4. Add Mussels and allow to heat up for 1 minute or 2

  5. Add wine and cover, stirring regularly

  6. after all Mussels have opened add butter and let melt

  7. Add parsley, stire and serve

  8. Serve in 2 bowls and an extra one for the shells

  9. Enjoy!

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